“Blockchain Bethune” (Philip McMaster) bringing the United Nations 17 SDG Sustainable Development Goals to the top of the world –  guided and led through their homeland by the Sherpa people of Nepal.

PHOTO: “Blockchain Bethune” (Philip McMaster, left) bringing the United Nations 17 SDG Sustainable Development Goals Banner (and a new boxed mobile phone for the next SDG Summitteer) to the top of the world – Everest Base Camp –  was guided and led through their home region by Dr. Neema (Right) and the Sherpa people of Nepal.

The month of April, 2017, saw Philip McMaster in the Character of “BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE” ( 白求恩 BaiqiuEn) – modeled after the famous Canadian humanitarian internationalist, Dr. Norman Bethun – bringing Blockchain Technology,international connections and a vision for a Sustainable Development Showcase of SDG achievements to the Everest region of Nepal.

DaLong = Big Dragon

McMaster, known as “DaLong“ in China, is Blockchain Ambassador for DACA the Decentralized Autonomous Coalition Asia, as well as many other Blockchain-based 3rd Sector / Social Credit initiatives.

Before leaving on the Eco Everest Expedition – originally inspired and organized in 2009 by Asian Trekking (Astrek) of Nepal general manager Dawa Steven Sherpa  – his father Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) presented Philip McMaster with much appreciated and memorable gifts from the NMA. (see article below)

SDG Token to the Top Of Everest

The Goal of the BLOCKCHAIN to EVEREST CHALLENGE is to use the opportunity of the annual ECO EVEREST EXPEDITION to call out the urgent message from the top of the world: the need to solve the 17 SDG goals before 2030 by bringing the SDG TOKEN repeatedly to the top of our minds and attention_\!/

On the Everest trail in April, Philip McMaster researched local conditions, observed and inquired about infrastructure and spoke with knowledgeable people about the real, on-the-ground conditions and how BLOCKCHAIN technology can bring social, economic and environmental benefit to the region.
As one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations, McMaster sees opportunity and urgency in implementing plans that not only protect the natural resource that serves as the water reservoir for billions of people in China and India, but as the world’s most polluted mountain (through Western influence and disregard ) – its cleanup serves as a high-profile recognition of the Global War on Pollution and a respect for the generations of Sherpa people who consider the mountain a sacred holy mother of the Earth, as it is the source of water for billions of peoplin India and China.


The efforts of Blockchain Bethune (McMaster) are intended to delve even deeper than the obvious concerns for the surface pollution and downstream flow of water – reaching into preservation of intangible cultural heritage, economic stakeholding and the reduction of inequalities among locals of the region. 

PHOTO: Establishing the Embassy Of the Republic Of Conscience at Everest Base Camp, for the purpose of installing the 17 Global Goals at the top of the world_\!/
Most, if not all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) have innovative, useful and direct applications and urgent opportunities for implimentation and experimentation in the Everest/Khumbu region.

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How The Blockchain Saved The World
Inspired by the days of hiking through the majestic Himalaya on the way to establishing an Embassy of the Republic Of Conscience at Everest Base Camp, McMaster absorbed the immensity of the challenges, problems and an appreciation of how the “Story” of How the Blockchain Saved the World could be told in an exciting, innovative way even a child could understand.
There is only one way to the top of Everest – Step-by-step and taking enough time to allow your body to CHANGE and ADAPT to your new environment. One foot in front of the other.. there are no shortcuts, not safe ones anyway.

Peer-to-Peer Acclimatization: The Great Equalizer
The trail is rough, steep and challenging. Mostly up, sometimes down, but always more up than down. Acclimatization is absolutely necessary – only fools show off their “strength” and try to shortcut the process of adjusting to higher and higher altitudes. 
Some of these self-important idiots who race ahead, ignoring the signals and the advice of others, get very sick and occasionally die in the process of trying to defeat the natural order of things. These people are not listening to their bodies or the wisdom and experience of their peers – sadly, they only have themselves to blame for their misfortune. 

There is a great opportunity for the Blockchain to be applied as a personalized safety recording, tracking social credit-building and possibly even a predictive system to aid authorities and the climbers themselves to remain within the boundaries of safety.
The Khumbu / Everest trail apparently has one of the top mobile telephone switching systems in the world. When asked, numerous sources said that 3 years ago the system was flawless, up 99% of the time and a great source of pride (and safety) for the local people and tourists to the area.

Today, the system is very poor – intermittent at best, often no signal at all and certainly no “data” to upload beautiful photos of the region and its people.
The company that originally installed the world-class equipment would be devastated. There’s probably nothing wrong with the hardware – it’s the maintenance and care of the infrastructure that is lacking, and likely other political and competitive factors too. 


Abusing the Sherpa people and their livelihoods as pawns in commercial and political fights for product distribution and basic communications services is truly unfortunate and unfair. The impression and impact on tourist experience and satisfaction should also be an important consideration. It doesn’t reflect well on the world-class region. The adoption and integration of Open-source Blockchain / Internet of Things (IoT) could be a showcase technology to solve this impasse and level the playing field.
Fundamental Anti-Fraud Truth System
The Blockchain is neutral and non-judgmental. Code is the law and if you lie to it, the lie is recorded. If you tell the truth the truth is recorded. 
We all lie to ourselves about our status and importance, the fact is we need to stop taking Selfies, and begin taking WeFie3’s – group photos that show a (3 Finger) balanced world is in our hands…

Adoption of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY in registering, confirming, tracking, monitoring, assisting, tracing, rewarding (emotipoints) and authenticating position along the route (including the summit) could save lives and enhance reputations.
Everest Base-Camp Embassy of the Republic Of Conscience.
The decentralized, distributed, blockchain Republic Of Conscience is establishing Embassies around the planet.. wherever “Citizens Of Conscience” assemble to create the new “Sustainable World Order”.
Everest Base Camp was not the first embassy of the ROC and won’t be the last… but it’s the highest so far... until the brave and competent Sherpa bring the smaller SDG banner and a Sustainability Symbol to the summit of Mount Everest (^_^)_\!/

….join and support the Eco Everest Cleanup Expedition, earn and invest your SDG Tokens in the SDG EVEREST effort_\!/

for additional background on BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, and McMaster’s proposed Republic Of Conscience SOCIAL CREDIT system, please read: 


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