Ignore the date of posting … it’s not an April Fools Joke…

The SDG Challenge is building on success after success… the world is changing and you are making the difference.

We’re moving forward with the activities of “BLOCKCHAIN BETHUNE“… climbing the difficult trail facing the big SDG mountain, connecting communities along the trail to compete to solve the World-Wide SDG CHALLENGE by encouraging CHANGE WEDNESDAY, SDG Hackathons and other activities to bring DIRECT ACTION and INVOLVEMENT in solving the 17PlusONE Global Goals.


Starting April 6th, 2017, in “the Spirit Of Bethune“,  Philip McMaster, co-founder of the World Sustainability Project and the Decentralized Republic Of Conscience will begin the BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTIONARY TREK also known as the LONGCHAIN MARCH – starting in Lukla,  Nepal, linking communities along the long, difficult trail to Mount Everest, the Republic Of Conscience and the world.


Welcomed by community leaders from Nepal and around the world, the efforts of the World Sustainability Project are recognized as non-political, non-partisan and focused on ONE objective we ALL SHARE – Solving the 17PlusONE Global Goals before 2030.

Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association and Chair of the Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities meets with Philip McMaster of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project & Ambassador of the Republic Of Conscience after 10 years… kindly offering meaningful and memorable gifts on his return to Nepal as well as heartfelt support for the BLOCKCHAIN TO EVEREST / SDG Challenge starting in Nepal on April 6th 2017.

Philip McMaster with old friend Dawa Steven Sherpa, Managing Director of Asian Trekking and Astrek Group


You can also participate in the EVEREST BLOCKCHAIN / SDG Challenge   (^_^)_\!/ just make sure you subscribe to the Republic Of Conscience (ROC) and watch for the launch of the

((SDG Token))

The analogy of “climbing Everest” is the objective of Bitcoin, Etherium and all the Blockchain-based currencies. Everyone wants their favourite currency to be dominant, to win, and the best way for that to occur is through an inclusive, healthy, positive, and competitive spirit that “floats all the boats” and eliminates the fakers, cheaters and short-cut-takers.


The SDG Challenge will also encourage non-coding people to make competitive “cryptocurrency investment” in the “Treasury” of the Decentralized Blockchain Republic Of Conscience, using the fiat or crypto currency they are most comfortable with as a BLOCKCHAIN ONRAMP.

As the world learns about our individual opportunity to compete with our favourite “team” of Currency, (BTC, ETH, ETC, zcash, monero, and so on…) …people around the world can join in the effort, exchanging their Cash/Ether/BTC as a Citizenship investment in the Republic Of Conscience (ROC) and become an active participant in the Blockchain race to get voting rights and influence in the sustainable direction of the Republic Of Conscience (stake, voting on use of funds without dividends like bonds).


“King of the hill”
Participating in the Republic Of Conscience Blockchain includes participating in all Blockchains and currencies able to purchase a Caring Currency within the ROC Treasury.

The currency the most often used to buy any of the Caring Currencies of the ROC will be declared the “King of the Hill”, bringing prestige to that currency as the most supportive of the Republic Of Conscience.

As an investor citizen of the Republic Of Conscience (ROC) you have the right and option to vote with your individual conscience, or leave it to the consensus voting of the major stakeholders within your Currency Camp – your alignment as ALLIES BUDDIES or COLLABORATORS and choice of participation in and direction of your invested funds is up to you.

Put your money where your mouth is… skin in the game ~ no armchair coaches ~

Power is in the hands of those most invested in the ROC. Balance is achieved by decentralized mobilization of involvement and investment along philosophical community lines – with diversity and collaboration securing decentralization and equitable distribution of community support.
All charities, NGOS, NPOS and Social Enterprises registered with the ROC are eligible for support from communities within the ROC. Individual causes are funded from within the pool of resources of the individual communities – Christian causes are not forced to fund Muslim causes, Bitcoiners are not forced to fund Etherium, ETCers are not forced to fund ETH startups, but can if consensus between communities is reached.

Curators of the Republic Of Conscience are those humans identified with the greatest stake in any of the invested currencies or precious metals in the ROC.

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