Thanks for visiting the donation page. Philip McMaster, one of the founders of the many projects associated with this site is a very persistent and curious person, who, if you search around the internet, (hint: search “3FingerW” ) you can see that from his earliest years, he has never stopped inventing solutions and trying to contribute to a better world, no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of him or support taken away from him.

If you would like to skip the reasons – just scroll down to support the World Sustainability Project_\!/

An “Alien”

In spite of all his “crazy” ideas, which, if you actually listen to him with an open mind, you can glimpse the interconnectedness of his thoughts, the foundations of his global experiences and how each project element and solution relates to connecting with the whole solution. His mind is actually focused on the very big picture, beyond politics, fashions, nationalisms and tribal thinking. Actually, this has become one of his biggest faults, as a supportive friend once said to him, “you must be an alien” – “you don’t eat, buy new clothes, drink beer, smoke, obsess over women or worry about money” – “and you spend all your time and resources figuring out ways to help people you don’t know” – “it’s not normal, how do you live?”

This donation page was created to address this failing,  and the fault that his pride doesn’t allow him to ask for any financial or material help. He seems to exist on passion and air alone – putting his own comfort, health and welfare as a very low priority. Recent medical issues (heart surgery, spinal damage) have taken its toll on his meager finances, health, physical strength and prospects for old age support when he inevitably becomes incapacitated.

McMaster appears to put all his income, resources, connections and energy into maintaing his world-saving projects –  those who have met him never escape at least an introduction to how 3 Fingers could save the world, but he never asks for money. McMaster is certainly a bit Quixotic, but possessed of an indomitable positive spirit which, like the energizer bunny, just keeps on going and going…

If you count yourself among those who respect what Philip McMaster has done in the world, the kids he has inspired to believe in a bright future,  the students he has encouraged to think outside the box, the workers he has guided to feel good about their work, the leaders he has encouraged to share the 3 Finger Philosophy, the elderly he has applauded and recognized for their culture and contributions – or that you simply appreciate what he doggedly continues to do for all of us – cutting through the sectarian, political and media crap to design and provide practical, universally adaptable solutions like “3 Finger Wednesday” to address the philosophical “what do we do?”

You are encouraged to “Do something Meaningful – DONATE – Your TIME – Your MONEY – Your RESOURCES to the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project” and help its founder live a more stable and comfortable life, allowing him to concentrate on what he loves to do – make the world a better place.


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[Original English Text]
There is good news and bad news about the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and its founder, Philip McMaster (DaLong) the Canadian who plays the part of “Dr. Norman Bethune” on CCTV9.

The good news is that the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project is stronger than ever and growing quickly in China and now in Africa too! … more and more people:

1.) understand the meaning of the 3 Fingers

2.) are participating in 3 Finger Wednesdays and

3.) want to become involved and benefit from Barefoot Engineers, Footprint Doctors and Caravan Of Care.

The  bad news is that DaLong’s health has deteriorated since he came to China, and he must go into the hospital for expensive operations.

DaLong has no family in China, has no social support system. Like Lei Fung, DaLong  re-invests the very little bit of money he makes in China into the 3 Fingers Project to help people in China.

DaLong has worked long and hard to help Chinese people improve their lives by introducing the 3 Fingers and the Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

DaLong did not want to talk about it, but if something goes wrong in the hospital, he wants Chinese people to  “pick up the torch” and LEAD the World in the URGENT Olympic-sized effort to become sustainable in the future.

There are 3 things you can do – 1.) Ignore this request for help

2.) Physically begin to volunteer with the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project

3.) Instead of ignoring your future, but without physically investing your time to help the project, you can donate as much as you think it is worth to protect YOUR future.

Be generous to yourself, your family and friends – generously support the Peace Plus  One – World Sustainability Project and the Warriors Heart Beat_\!/

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