Where does the name Sust10 originate?

“Sust10” is the onomatopoeic compression of the word “SUSTAINABILITY” -SUST and 10 letters following:

SUST+ (1)A (2)I (3)N (4)A (5)B (6)I (7)L (8)I (9)T (10)Y

Philip McMaster, founder of the Sust10 Agency noticed that in Asia, in this era of “Texting”, cutting edge businesses respond to consumers demand for simplicity, especially with long words in English – and “Sustainability” is certainly one of those words, so he reduced it and kept the basic sound of the word when spoken in English “Sus – ten” ,,, much easier for non English speakers and spellers!


Sust10, the Republic Of Conscience / ConscienceLAND and the World Sustainability Project are efforts of the MCMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce, (est.2000)

Address: Unit C, 2/F, 728-730 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong –

Speaker booking line: (852) 3953-1620 www.Sust10.com

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