B-Day3 Founders’ Birthday Weekend Celebrating 3 Fingers

Whew, what a great 3 Finger Weekend_\!/

3 get-togethers to celebrate the supporters of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and the World Sustainability Organization and, naturally, the birthday of co-founder Philip McMaster, DaLong_\!/

Please check below, are you in any of the 3 Finger photos or the Selfie3’s? If not, please join the party “virually” and send in your photo_\!/ … we are always happy to include you among our 3 Finger Friends_\!/

B-Party1, B-Party2 and B-Party3

The first party of the weekend was a Double-Celebration Party_\!/

My young friend Sean, from Vancouver Canada, whose father has been one of my greatest supporters over the years, was celebrating his 18th birthday this weekend, so his dad invited me and a friend to a special birthday dinner featuring roast duck, birthday noodles and cake.

Sean reminded me that i helped him edit a speech about protecting the environment that he gave to his class in Vancouver a few years ago. According to Sean, it was memorable and a big success… congratulations_\!/

doc_MG_7964 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7945

doc_MG_7976 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7949 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7955 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7957 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7958 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7959 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7964


Mini After party, party… Mala Tang and Fruit wine – AN UNLIKELY COMBINATION but a delicious first_\!/

B-Party3_MG_8090 B-Party3_MG_8097 B-Party3_MG_8099 B-Party3_MG_8100

B-Party3 at Dream Pi


Preparing for the party... creative 3 Finger Friends put up posters and made a big Chalk Board Birthday Card in English and Chinese_\!/

B-Party3_MG_7980 B-Party3_MG_8047 B-Party3_MG_8080

State of the “Republic Of Conscience” speech:

DaLong, (Philip McMaster), welcomed friends old and new, people who have supported him from the early days in China as well as those who are just learning about the 3 Finger Philosophy for the first time.

Philip spoke about the business opportunities surrounding LOHHAS (Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability), and how each one of us has an exciting and joyful responsibility to share our ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) with our families, friends, workplace, community, and the world.

Following the introduction of the event and its purpose, the guests introduced themselves and told a little story of how they learned about the event and 3 Fingers.

LCP the Low Carbon Panda was the moderating bear – people passed LCP from one to the other as a sort of “Talking Stick” – meaning the person holding LCP was the one to speak and pay attention to while they held the Panda bear. This way everyone knew when people were finished commenting and clearly passing the “talking time” to the next person.

B-Party Videos

A video  B video  C video  D video

E video  F video

Click on images above to download .swf video or watch the embedded copies below

Video A.

B-Party3 Philip McMaster Beijing Birthday


Video B.

B-Party3 Chinese speak DaLong’s Birthday


Video C.

B-Party3 Philip McMaster DaLong’s Beijing Birthday


Video D.



Video E.

B-Party3 Chris & Charles Reveal Truth


Video F.

B-Party3 HZ DaLong Birthday



Non-Traditional “Gift Receiving and Recognizing”.

Speaking from the heart, DaLong then recognized and appreciated each one of the meaningful gifts he was given, in spite of the fact that no gifts were requested or required.

From DaLong’s perspective, people who put effort and care into their contributions should be clearly thanked and recognized. Some of the wonderful gifts given at the parties were truly works of art – and those that were not Hand Made or DIY, were thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the themes of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability.

However people got so excited after being introduced,  there was no holding them back_\!/


After seeing all the giving and kindness circulating, that it was very difficult for them to FOCUS on the remaining gift-givers and clearly recognize the thought and effort that went into everyone’s personal gifts, but people were polite and understood that DaLong’s rules are a little different (^_^)_\!/

As the gift presentations came to a close, people quickly broke into small cliques and began networking, wanting to be first in taking advantage of the marvelous opportunity to meet quality people with great minds and attitudes.

DaLong had to gently but forcefully corrall people back into the attentive circle of friends, simply out of respect of those people who had made an unrequired but much appreciated effort to give a gift. DaLong wanted to make sure each and every one was recognized for their kindess and effort.


With the speeches, introductions and gift-giving over,Dalong circulated among the guests, and lovely people asked for a photo together… the Pappararazzi 3 Finger Photo session had begun with the Birthday Boy and guests posing with LCP and the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol gesture:

B-Party_MG_8000 B-Party3_MG_8002 B-Party3_MG_8003 B-Party3_MG_8004 B-Party3_MG_8007 B-Party3_MG_8008 B-Party3_MG_8012 B-Party3_MG_8014 B-Party3_MG_8017 B-Party3_MG_8018 B-Party3_MG_8024 B-Party3_MG_8028 B-Party3_MG_8031 B-Party3_MG_8038 B-Party3_MG_8039 B-Party3_MG_8044 B-Party3_MG_8048 B-Party3_MG_8049 B-Party3_MG_8051 B-Party3_MG_8052 B-Party3_MG_8057 B-Party3_MG_8058 B-Party3_MG_8059 B-Party3_MG_8060 B-Party3_MG_8061 B-Party3_MG_8067

Peace Plus One – Join the Fun_\!/

How you can participate in the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project:


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