how Can I help? … 3 Finger Matchmaking_\!/

Happy 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/ 

Today I was asked the question on WeChat“how can I help?” by a young lady named “Joy” who operates a “dating counseling ” service in Beijing, China…


I’m in Africa with LCP right now, but the magic of the Internet gives me the opportunity to respond to Joy’s question and share my answer with the world…  

I want to share my response with you here on in case it helps explain for you the depth, breadth and meaning of our Global Project – the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project_\!/

Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project_\!/

The basic principle of the World Sustainability Project is – when you become “Part Of the Solution“, (POS) you actually help yourself. 
When you truly make your own life “better”, (POSitive psychology,) it clearly improves the relationships with the people around you. 

How can you help? 

everyone, and SELECT / MATCH 3 Finger People_\!/
Encourage EVERYONE you know to celebrate “3 Finger Wednesday” every week, and UNDERSTAND that your ONLY JOB on this planet is to leave it BETTER than you found it (not worse)…
The planet and its life-giving resources is NOT yours now, and it will NEVER BE YOURS alone, the planet is a miraculous gift of life that we humans have the OBLIGATION (and “ISR”, Individual Social Responsibility) to protect, conserve and SHARE with the present and future generations of EVERY species of plant, animal and foundational element in the universe. 
This RELATIONSHIP UNDERSTANDING is very difficult for most humans to accept, because we’ve always been told that WE are the most important species and have the right to dominate the EARTH and everything on it. WE THINK WE ARE SEPARATE FROM THE EARTH AND EACH OTHER. That’s the problem.
Today most humans are impressed and attracted to “clever” (and mostly wasteful) EXPLOITATIONS OF RESOURCES on the ONLY planet we have to live on. 

We worship material wealth, money, power and violence over others. 

Chinese youth have been conditioned to “be clever” and “pass the exams, get a high pay job, get a car, get a house“, etc. without any consideration of the impact on their own mental health, their conscience and their future on the planet.
“Clever” people find shortcuts to get what THEY’VE BEEN TOLD THEY WANT by the 1%, but it’s not what they actually want

This “cleverness” is not real intelligence, and in light of the “Big Picture” reality, it actually becomes a crime against humanity, ecocide and basic criminal stupidity.

The majority of humans on the Earth have been conditioned by their cultures and societies to believe they are:

– separate from others, 

– are in control of their lives 

– have superior rights over each other and over the natural world itself. 

This has led to the “Tragedy of the Commons“.
We’ve been told that our personal happiness comes from competing for what is scarce in the world, getting it into our own hands (owning), and not sharing it with others. This is part of the Big Lie

To save our own lives and our children’s future, we must START NOW to live a POSITIVE (POS) Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)…. to condition ourselves (like the “sacrifice” of doing physical exercise to stay healthy) we must begin to SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG, starting at least ONE DAY A WEEK (Wednesday).

I ask you to IMAGINE for a moment… when a small percentage of the more intelligent people in China (or any region on the planet) begin to practice and promote SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG every Wednesday:

 -making their own successful lives even more successful and respected

– Changing the general image of Chinese people from GREEDY, SELFISH, CLEVER and UNCARING to compassionate, intelligent, worldly and generous… 

– this is “How China Saved the World” …by example to yourselves as Chinese and to the other 4/5ths of humanity occupying the planet.

I believe China is the most important politically defined region in the world
, not for its competitive economic or military achievements, but for the potential gift of China and its enormous and diverse population sharing with the world the ancient cultural philosophies based upon the natural principles of peace, balance and harmony. 天地人 

Be Proud of China for its LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL... And BECOME Part Of the Solution (POS)… SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH OTHERS


Finding a mate is a basic drive in biology for the continuation and evolution of each species. It is NOW IMPERATIVE that the human species improve the UNDERSTANDING, INTELLIGENCE and OPPORTUNITY for our species to live in cooperation and harmony with all life on the planet. 


We must again begin to mate for survival of our species, THIS TIME NOT FOR QUANTITY of parasitic, invasive human animals, but instead for the QUALITIES of human intelligence, compassion and consideration that life is a marvelous complex balance beyond our control, but within our care.

: Go with biology, find the best specimen with characteristics of the Sustainable Beauty Index (SBI): 

– Beauty On the Outside, 

– Beauty On the Inside and 

– Beauty In the Community.
If we don’t begin to live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) our children and their children will live POORER LIVES IN THE FUTURE than we live today. This responsibility should be in our hearts and is now in our hands_\!/
SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/ Duang~Duang~Duang_\!/

Peace Plus One~Join the FUN_\!/

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