Exciting “Sustainable” Developments…

The first few months of this year have witnessed amazing developments in the World Sustainability Project:

Media Coverage of the MuscularMind / World Sustainability Project – De-Zombification.com


– Speeches and Presentations


Young people LOVE “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” – SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/ (Famous International School, Beijing)

LOHHAS BALANCE DAY – another name for “3 Finger Wednesday” or “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” (Photo: New Economy Conference in Chengdu)

In China, it’s “HOW CHINA SAVED THE WORLD” in the rest of the world, it’s “HOW the BLOCKCHAIN saved the WORLD

READY? POP-UP NOW!” (READYPart Of the Problem UPgrade NOW!) meetings are great opportunities to share tactics to win the Global War on Pollution and encourage the  LOHHAS validation of People, Products and Places_\!/

More and more people are profiting from Crowdsourced, Decentralized Autonomous Validation on the BLOCKCHAIN.

Philip McMaster of the MCMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce (2000) – one of the pioneers from the Republic Of Conscience,  shows a favorite “organic fair trade coffee product” with the “3 Finger LOHHAS VALIDATION MARK” on the package.

Speaking at the world famous Cheku Cafe (Garage Cafe) in Zhongguancun District, Beijing – Philip McMaster (DaLong 大龙)shares how the Cafe was the First “Embassy” of the Republic Of Conscience, and a place of connections and inspiration for the projects of the World Sustainability Organization

– De-Zombification

– De-Zombification (stopping “Zombie” behaviour) is one of the goals of the World Sustainability Organization – and the “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” program. Part of the “Global War on Pollution” – Zombie spirits who are Part Of the Problem (POP) are destroyed every Wednesday when people who are Part Of the Solution (POS) SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/

–  International Documentary




– THE BIG NEWS is the www.SustainabilityDAO.com or www.LOHHASDAO.com on the BLOCKCHAIN – Everyone is talking about the BLOCKCHAIN as if it was something new – but the www.RepublicOfConscience.com was concieved years ago on the concept of the immutable power of the BLOCKCHAIN_\!/

Step ONE is assembling the best hearts and minds from around the world to adapt the BLOCKCHAIN to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as the Sustainability DAO of the Republic Of Conscience.

The LOHHAS DAO will make many of the projects of the World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience now possible, accessible and more easily understood and adopted.

SUSTAINABILITY DAO from Philip McMaster on Vimeo.

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