Birth3Day Party

It’s that time of year again, Philip McMaster the co-founder of the World Sustainability Project and 3 Finger “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” is having a BIRTHDAY PARTY and YOU are invited!

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Birthday3If you are not in Beijing or you can’t make it to the party, and you still want to send a gift – please make sure it has “3’s” in it… ha ha ha_\!/




A few people have said they want to “send me something” which is unnecessary but much appreciated

but there’s a dilemma: in the old days, people met face-to-face to shake hands, pat on the back and exchange good wishes for the future.

Today, we’re “too busy” or it’s “not convenient” to take the time¬† and make the effort of appreciating others and strengthening relationships. (see )

To solve this problem I suggest the following solutions (but NOT obligation):

Physical gifts- Temporary Address:

Virtual gifts-  Philip . McMaster (a] hotmail

Financial gifts – please use the weixin / wechat Hong Bao!

QRCODE_IMG_4741 giftIMG_4742 doc_3crown_HongBAO


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