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how Can I help? … 3 Finger Matchmaking_\!/

Happy 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/ 

Today I was asked the question on WeChat“how can I help?” by a young lady named “Joy” who operates a “dating counseling ” service in Beijing, China…


I’m in Africa with LCP right now, but the magic of the Internet gives me the opportunity to respond to Joy’s question and share my answer with the world…  

I want to share my response with you here on in case it helps explain for you the depth, breadth and meaning of our Global Project – the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project_\!/

Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project_\!/

The basic principle of the World Sustainability Project is – when you become “Part Of the Solution“, (POS) you actually help yourself. 
When you truly make your own life “better”, (POSitive psychology,) it clearly improves the relationships with the people around you. 

How can you help? 

everyone, and SELECT / MATCH 3 Finger People_\!/
Encourage EVERYONE you know to celebrate “3 Finger Wednesday” every week, and UNDERSTAND that your ONLY JOB on this planet is to leave it BETTER than you found it (not worse)…
The planet and its life-giving resources is NOT yours now, and it will NEVER BE YOURS alone, the planet is a miraculous gift of life that we humans have the OBLIGATION (and “ISR”, Individual Social Responsibility) to protect, conserve and SHARE with the present and future generations of EVERY species of plant, animal and foundational element in the universe. 
This RELATIONSHIP UNDERSTANDING is very difficult for most humans to accept, because we’ve always been told that WE are the most important species and have the right to dominate the EARTH and everything on it. WE THINK WE ARE SEPARATE FROM THE EARTH AND EACH OTHER. That’s the problem.
Today most humans are impressed and attracted to “clever” (and mostly wasteful) EXPLOITATIONS OF RESOURCES on the ONLY planet we have to live on. 

We worship material wealth, money, power and violence over others. 

Chinese youth have been conditioned to “be clever” and “pass the exams, get a high pay job, get a car, get a house“, etc. without any consideration of the impact on their own mental health, their conscience and their future on the planet.
“Clever” people find shortcuts to get what THEY’VE BEEN TOLD THEY WANT by the 1%, but it’s not what they actually want

This “cleverness” is not real intelligence, and in light of the “Big Picture” reality, it actually becomes a crime against humanity, ecocide and basic criminal stupidity.

The majority of humans on the Earth have been conditioned by their cultures and societies to believe they are:

– separate from others, 

– are in control of their lives 

– have superior rights over each other and over the natural world itself. 

This has led to the “Tragedy of the Commons“.
We’ve been told that our personal happiness comes from competing for what is scarce in the world, getting it into our own hands (owning), and not sharing it with others. This is part of the Big Lie

To save our own lives and our children’s future, we must START NOW to live a POSITIVE (POS) Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)…. to condition ourselves (like the “sacrifice” of doing physical exercise to stay healthy) we must begin to SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG, starting at least ONE DAY A WEEK (Wednesday).

I ask you to IMAGINE for a moment… when a small percentage of the more intelligent people in China (or any region on the planet) begin to practice and promote SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG every Wednesday:

 -making their own successful lives even more successful and respected

– Changing the general image of Chinese people from GREEDY, SELFISH, CLEVER and UNCARING to compassionate, intelligent, worldly and generous… 

– this is “How China Saved the World” …by example to yourselves as Chinese and to the other 4/5ths of humanity occupying the planet.

I believe China is the most important politically defined region in the world
, not for its competitive economic or military achievements, but for the potential gift of China and its enormous and diverse population sharing with the world the ancient cultural philosophies based upon the natural principles of peace, balance and harmony. 天地人 

Be Proud of China for its LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL... And BECOME Part Of the Solution (POS)… SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH OTHERS


Finding a mate is a basic drive in biology for the continuation and evolution of each species. It is NOW IMPERATIVE that the human species improve the UNDERSTANDING, INTELLIGENCE and OPPORTUNITY for our species to live in cooperation and harmony with all life on the planet. 


We must again begin to mate for survival of our species, THIS TIME NOT FOR QUANTITY of parasitic, invasive human animals, but instead for the QUALITIES of human intelligence, compassion and consideration that life is a marvelous complex balance beyond our control, but within our care.

: Go with biology, find the best specimen with characteristics of the Sustainable Beauty Index (SBI): 

– Beauty On the Outside, 

– Beauty On the Inside and 

– Beauty In the Community.
If we don’t begin to live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) our children and their children will live POORER LIVES IN THE FUTURE than we live today. This responsibility should be in our hearts and is now in our hands_\!/
SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/ Duang~Duang~Duang_\!/

Peace Plus One~Join the FUN_\!/

B-Day3 Founders’ Birthday Weekend Celebrating 3 Fingers

Whew, what a great 3 Finger Weekend_\!/

3 get-togethers to celebrate the supporters of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and the World Sustainability Organization and, naturally, the birthday of co-founder Philip McMaster, DaLong_\!/

Please check below, are you in any of the 3 Finger photos or the Selfie3’s? If not, please join the party “virually” and send in your photo_\!/ … we are always happy to include you among our 3 Finger Friends_\!/

B-Party1, B-Party2 and B-Party3

The first party of the weekend was a Double-Celebration Party_\!/

My young friend Sean, from Vancouver Canada, whose father has been one of my greatest supporters over the years, was celebrating his 18th birthday this weekend, so his dad invited me and a friend to a special birthday dinner featuring roast duck, birthday noodles and cake.

Sean reminded me that i helped him edit a speech about protecting the environment that he gave to his class in Vancouver a few years ago. According to Sean, it was memorable and a big success… congratulations_\!/

doc_MG_7964 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7945

doc_MG_7976 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7949 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7955 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7957 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7958 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7959 doc_PhilipMcMaster_MG_7964


Mini After party, party… Mala Tang and Fruit wine – AN UNLIKELY COMBINATION but a delicious first_\!/

B-Party3_MG_8090 B-Party3_MG_8097 B-Party3_MG_8099 B-Party3_MG_8100

B-Party3 at Dream Pi


Preparing for the party... creative 3 Finger Friends put up posters and made a big Chalk Board Birthday Card in English and Chinese_\!/

B-Party3_MG_7980 B-Party3_MG_8047 B-Party3_MG_8080

State of the “Republic Of Conscience” speech:

DaLong, (Philip McMaster), welcomed friends old and new, people who have supported him from the early days in China as well as those who are just learning about the 3 Finger Philosophy for the first time.

Philip spoke about the business opportunities surrounding LOHHAS (Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability), and how each one of us has an exciting and joyful responsibility to share our ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) with our families, friends, workplace, community, and the world.

Following the introduction of the event and its purpose, the guests introduced themselves and told a little story of how they learned about the event and 3 Fingers.

LCP the Low Carbon Panda was the moderating bear – people passed LCP from one to the other as a sort of “Talking Stick” – meaning the person holding LCP was the one to speak and pay attention to while they held the Panda bear. This way everyone knew when people were finished commenting and clearly passing the “talking time” to the next person.

B-Party Videos

A video  B video  C video  D video

E video  F video

Click on images above to download .swf video or watch the embedded copies below

Video A.

B-Party3 Philip McMaster Beijing Birthday

Video B.

B-Party3 Chinese speak DaLong’s Birthday

Video C.

B-Party3 Philip McMaster DaLong’s Beijing Birthday

Video D.


Video E.

B-Party3 Chris & Charles Reveal Truth

Video F.

B-Party3 HZ DaLong Birthday


Non-Traditional “Gift Receiving and Recognizing”.

Speaking from the heart, DaLong then recognized and appreciated each one of the meaningful gifts he was given, in spite of the fact that no gifts were requested or required.

From DaLong’s perspective, people who put effort and care into their contributions should be clearly thanked and recognized. Some of the wonderful gifts given at the parties were truly works of art – and those that were not Hand Made or DIY, were thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the themes of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project and a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability.

However people got so excited after being introduced,  there was no holding them back_\!/


After seeing all the giving and kindness circulating, that it was very difficult for them to FOCUS on the remaining gift-givers and clearly recognize the thought and effort that went into everyone’s personal gifts, but people were polite and understood that DaLong’s rules are a little different (^_^)_\!/

As the gift presentations came to a close, people quickly broke into small cliques and began networking, wanting to be first in taking advantage of the marvelous opportunity to meet quality people with great minds and attitudes.

DaLong had to gently but forcefully corrall people back into the attentive circle of friends, simply out of respect of those people who had made an unrequired but much appreciated effort to give a gift. DaLong wanted to make sure each and every one was recognized for their kindess and effort.


With the speeches, introductions and gift-giving over,Dalong circulated among the guests, and lovely people asked for a photo together… the Pappararazzi 3 Finger Photo session had begun with the Birthday Boy and guests posing with LCP and the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol gesture:

B-Party_MG_8000 B-Party3_MG_8002 B-Party3_MG_8003 B-Party3_MG_8004 B-Party3_MG_8007 B-Party3_MG_8008 B-Party3_MG_8012 B-Party3_MG_8014 B-Party3_MG_8017 B-Party3_MG_8018 B-Party3_MG_8024 B-Party3_MG_8028 B-Party3_MG_8031 B-Party3_MG_8038 B-Party3_MG_8039 B-Party3_MG_8044 B-Party3_MG_8048 B-Party3_MG_8049 B-Party3_MG_8051 B-Party3_MG_8052 B-Party3_MG_8057 B-Party3_MG_8058 B-Party3_MG_8059 B-Party3_MG_8060 B-Party3_MG_8061 B-Party3_MG_8067

Peace Plus One – Join the Fun_\!/

How you can participate in the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project:


World Environment Day is also WED

Look_\!/  the UNEP is also promoting “3 Finger Wednesday_\!/ 


WSP_PeacePlusOneAs everyone knows, we have been promoting eating VEGGIES on Wednesday for many, many years_\!/
It’s part of our Wednesday Celebration to Do 3 ThingsSMILE ~ CHANGE ~ UNPLUG
So, one of the things we do is CHANGE OUR DIET… at least ONE day a week (Wednesday) and DO NOT EAT MEAT.
here’s one of the Videos from the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project:
There have been many articles and interviews about our CONTROVERSIAL stance on eating meat,  almost everyone AGREES it’s a good idea… but will they do it?… some people think even missing one day of eating meat will lose energy or put them at a disadvantage!!
What’s your OPINION?


Tomorrow, June 5 is World Environment Day…


SRP_PARIS2015 (1.) REGISTER your 3 Finger commitment with WED ,
(2.) UPLOAD your “3 Finger Photo” (Selfie3)
(3.) tell the UN that you are coming to PARIS as a participant in the “3 Finger Challenge / Opportunity” at
SilkRoadtoParisLOHHAS How and why are you going to PARIS?
… because YOU are living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) in your community… and you want the United Nations and the World to know that YOU are Part Of the Solution_\!/
Share the Sustainability Symbol
Participate in 3 Finger Wednesdays
Be Part of the Solution (^.^)_\!/

Happy Earth Day – Happy 3 Finger Wednesday_\1/

docBrewandBlend_MG_1823Today is 4.22 EARTH DAY, HAPPY 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/

In SHANGHAI we will be at 11/f, 2 of Gold Hongqiao Center, Loushanguan Road 533, Changning District
早安伙伴们,今天是4.22世界地球日,记得参与3 Finger 的周三聚会_\!/ 我们今天聚会的地址是:娄山关路533号金虹桥中心2座11楼 靠近茅台路 宜信财富
7:00PM ‪#‎duang‬ ~ @duang ~ duang_\!/

IN BEIJING: 东直门内大街277号地铁商业大厦地下追梦派密室逃脱 7:00PM
TALENT SEARCH: 我们正在为 6月18日活力地球音乐会寻找中外音乐家、诗人和作曲家。带上你的朋友一起来参加吧_\!/

TALENT SEARCH: We are looking for Chinese and Foreign musicians, poets and songwriters for the Beijing edition of the global LIVE EARTH CONCERT June 18th. Come and join us with your friends_\!/


in BEIJING: “Dream Pi” is basement level of Building B1. Exit Line 5 Beixinqiao subway station from Exit “B” turn right, see “Dream Pi” gate, look left to Building B1, enter and go downstairs… join us at 7:00pm_\!/

___20150405_183401_HDRMORE INFORMATION: SEARCH ‪#‎3FingerW‬

Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ SOUND EFFECT

Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ the SOUND EFFECT of LCD the Low Carbon Duck_\!/

LCD_3duangDUCK LCD_Jackie_duangduangDUCK There is some confusion over the meaning of the Duang, Duang ,Duang internet meme originating from China .. it’s simply a SOUND EFFECT, and here’s what it means to people who share the Sustainability Symbol, advocate for the World Sustainability Project and supporters of an emerging Ecological Civilization LCD the Low Carbon Duck encourages us to happily “duang duang duang”, and live a LOHHAS Lifestyle_\!/

LOHHAS Lifestyle



We all want to live a Lifestyle of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)… now we  have the Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ sound effect as an expression of our desire for Health, Happiness & Sustainability_\!/

3 Finger Wednesday

Every Wednesday is “3 Finger Wednesday”.. the day each week that we DO 3 THINGS… Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ giving a sound effect to our desire to make the world a better place for our children:



Every Wednesday, (the 3rd day of the week) we Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ to give a special sound effect to our ACTIONS of SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/

Every Wednesday, we make a special effort to SMILE and make OTHER people HAPPY (why? because it’s normal to feel happy when you make other people happy_\!/ )  .

Every Wednesday, we make a special effort to CHANGE and improve ourselves, stop doing the bad habits and start doing the good ones_\!/ (remember, YOU can’t change other people… you can only change YOURSELF!)  ~ STOP a bad habit, START a good habit_\!/

Every Wednesday, we UNPLUG our STUFF that we’re not using (TV’s, battery chargers, unused computers, air conditioning, lights etc.) and we UNPLUG OURSELVES from our mobile devices for 3 Hours, and chat FACE-TO-FACE, walk together, play together, eat together, do whatever you want, as long as it is a SOCIAL ACTIVITY not using SOCIAL MEDIA for 3 Hours on Wednesday_\!/

SHARE the Duang Duang Duang_\!/


Peace Plus One – SHARE the Fun_\!/ pass along the Duang #Duang #Duang_\!/ to your friends around the world_\!/

If you can help translate this page into your language, please contact SustainabilitySymbol (a] gmail com

JackieLCD_SanDuang Jackie3DuangDUCK -JackieDuangDuangDUCK 3DuangDUCK_JackieChan LCD_SanDUANG_3Fingers

#Duang (^_^)_\!/ you discovered the Secret Of Sustainability_\!/

#Duang# (^_^)_\!/ you discovered the Secret Of Sustainability_\!/



A new word is taking the internet by storm in China – and indications of its parallel, secret, and obscure meanings are now coming to light.



“The character “duang” is so new that it does not even exist in the Chinese dictionary. But it has already spread like wildfire online in China, appearing more than 8 million times on China’s micro-blogging site Weibo, where it spawned a top-trending hashtag that drew 312,000 discussions among 15,000 users. On China’s biggest online search engine Baidu, it has been looked up almost 600,000 times. It’s been noticed in the West too, with Foreign Policy seeing it as a “break the internet” viral meme – like a certain Kim Kardashian image, or a certain multicoloured dress.”



No one agrees on what duang duang duang actually means, but it’s been discovered that China’s Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project, better known as the “3 Finger Project” may have already set the foundations, pathways and characters at the intersection of wildly popular internet memes.


China’s Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project, which has been sharing its own meme – the 3 Fingers – representing Society, the Environment and the Economy in balance, or more traditionally and simply “Tian, Di, Ren – He” ( harmony between Heaven the Earth and the People), is revealing it own secret relationships. Positive meanings and obscure but recently revealed connections to duang duang duang.

“Everyone’s duang-ing and I still don’t know what it means! Looks like it’s back to school for me,” said Weibo user Weileiweito.


Referred to by the WSP as “SanDuang” or Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/, the meme adapted from the spoof of the original Jackie Chan shampoo commercial now indicates a special attention-getting emphasis or “sparkling 1,2,3 impact” from participating in the 3 specific actions of 3 Finger Wednesday – the day every week when we SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/

Perfect Storm of uncertainty and need to change

Chai ChanHair

Like a perfect storm, the internet spoof on our self-absorbed, vacuous, nebulous, uncertain lifestyles promoting consumerism above all else – “So rich, So shiny, So soft” duang-duang-duang… racing through the same cyberspace as Chai Jing’s hard-hitting documentary on pollution “Under the Dome” (穹顶之下), creates a tension causing people to think about what’s meaningful and what they’re doing with their lives.

Unlike the irreverent shampoo spoof, the viral documentary lays bare our responsibilities to stand up, think and care about Society, the Environment and the Economy, creating pressure to review our priorities and set the stage for the positive actions such as those of the 3 Finger Project.

AnotherWeibo user asked: “Have you duang-ed today? My mind is full of duang duang duang.”

 The widespread experimentation, irreverence and creativity of the viral videos in China reveals that a lot has been going on for years and years behind the scenes and below the surface.


Earnest thought leaders and their efforts have been struggling to find resources, supporters and their voice. Not only the grassroots have been quietly pondering their future, but the leaders and celebrities too – however almost everyone has been afraid to take decisive action on anything but a purely economic focus. The time has not been perceived to be right, with too much to lose in the short term.

The tip of this pollution and climate iceberg has been obscured with Potemkin villages, covered with green washing and commercial insincerity and scandal. What’s been missing is an open, playful and serious mix of emotional interest and desire to act, that is, until this perfect, positive internet storm.

Jackie Chan and the Duang Duang Duck


Jackie has been sowing the seeds of sustainability for years, from picking up rubbish on movie sets in Hong Kong to speaking about the need to treat our planet better. Maybe Duang Duang Duang was part of his strategy all along.

In the photo above, Jackie and a gentleman sharing the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol are captured recognizing LCP the Low Carbon Panda in the audience and matching LCD the Low Carbon “Duang” Duck for a Wednesday Duang Duang Duang.

The (Formerly) Secret Symbol of Sustainability, Revealed…


The Meaning of #duang#, #duang#, #duang#


“To duang or not to duang, that is the question,” wrote user BaiKut automan.

Now we know Jackie’s Duang~Duang~Duang of “So rich, So shiny, So soft” fame is actually a meaningful rallying cry announcing our new-found enthusiasm and positivity, stressing the balance between Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/ or more specifically -“We’re So Social_\!/ We’re So Environmental_\!/ We’re So Economically balanced_\!/”

The impact of Chai Jing’s more upsetting “Under the Dome” (穹顶之下), prompts us to envision an Optimistic Truth, that “San Duang” (3 Duang) can remind us of 3 Finger Wednesday, the special day each week when we must focus on POSITIVE CHANGE and ask people to join us and SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/ which becomes an energetic and bouncy Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/ Duang_\!/ a proxy for We’re SMILEY_\!/ We’re so CHANGED_\!/ We are so UNPLUGGED_\!/


#duang#, #duang#, #duang#, #3FingerChallenge#

But you won’t really know what it means to be Part Of the Solution until you participate in the 3 Finger Challenge and Duang~Duang~Duang your way to the UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CONFERENCE in PARIS via your 3 Finger Signature Photo_\!/

CityOfLight 3FingerPhotoContest


Duang~Duang~Duang-ing along, gathering thousands of others every Wednesday until the 3 FingerLOHHAS MAP is presented by the Chinese Delegation to the UN in PARIS in December.





3 Finger Wednesday is “X”mas Eve_\!/

Happy, Merry “X”mas_\!/ …  CELEBRATE 3 FINGER WEDNESDAY on Christmas Eve_\!/


HELP Sustainable Santa Claus – YOU BE SustainaClaus this year_\!/

This is the time of year for many of us to think about others, and how we can participate in making our world better. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/


It’s up to you…. HELP SustainaClaus get “BACK into ACTION” sharing the World Sustainability Project  and “Passing the 3 Finger Torch”in 2015_\!/ If you want to help, visit (English) or (Chinese)


Ho Ho Ho, MERRY “X”MAS_\!/

More Background on the “Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project” at:



3 Finger Wednesday is “X”mas Eve_\!/

Happy, Merry “X”mas_\!/ …  CELEBRATE 3 FINGER WEDNESDAY on Christmas Eve_\!/


This is the time of year for many of us to think about others, and how we can participate in making our world better. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/


It’s up to you…. HELP SustainaClaus get “BACK into ACTION” sharing the World Sustainability Project  and “Passing the 3 Finger Torch”in 2015_\!/ If you want to help, visit (English) or (Chinese)


Ho Ho Ho, MERRY “X”MAS_\!/

More Background on the “Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project” at:



3 Finger Wednesday is “X”mas Eve_\!/

Happy, Merry “X”mas_\!/ …  CELEBRATE 3 FINGER WEDNESDAY on Christmas Eve_\!/


This is the time of year for many of us to think about others, and how we can participate in making our world better. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/


It’s up to you…. HELP SustainaClaus get “BACK into ACTION” sharing the World Sustainability Project  and “Passing the 3 Finger Torch”in 2015_\!/ If you want to help, visit (English) or (Chinese)


Ho Ho Ho, MERRY “X”MAS_\!/

More Background on the “Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project” at:



3 Finger Wednesday is “X”mas Eve_\!/

Happy, Merry “X”mas_\!/ …  CELEBRATE 3 FINGER WEDNESDAY on Christmas Eve_\!/


This is the time of year for many of us to think about others, and how we can participate in making our world better. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/


It’s up to you…. HELP SustainaClaus get “BACK into ACTION” sharing the World Sustainability Project  and “Passing the 3 Finger Torch”in 2015_\!/ If you want to help, visit (English) or (Chinese)


Ho Ho Ho, MERRY “X”MAS_\!/

More Background on the “Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project” at: